<aside> ⚡ Which plays to run? No worries. Playbooks are collections of plays we recommend for specific purposes. They are our go-to recommendations and examples for everyday situations


As we grow, our collective experience grows exponentially. Every engineer added to our community brings a treasure trove of all the knowledge, experiments, mistakes, and learnings from his past. Over time, we start to understand the best practices to apply to everything we do to ensure we get it right the first time. The Playbooks are just a collection of those best practices. Treat these practices as recommendations and not rules - remember, Context is King; every problem is unique and so has to be its solution.

Constant improvement

As a team, we seek out new processes and techniques, try them out, and assess whether the broader team should use them. The Playbooks are recommended practices for writing them, and they are open to doubts, questions, suggestions, and, ultimately, changes. Please do not assume they are set in stone; they will evolve.

Software Engineering

Playbook: SE10

Playbook: User Story

GIT Branching

Project Kits

Playbook: NodeJS

Playbook: ReactJS


AWS Tagging & Naming Conventions Standard v1.0

AWS Account Root Credentials Best Practices v1.0

Playbook for AWS Organization Unit & Sub Accounts

Terraform Playbook for Infrastructure as Code - v1.0

Best Practices

Mobile OTP Sign-up and Login - Security Playbook